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Restaurant Managers: How a Calorie Counter App Could Transform Your Sales

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If you are a restaurant manager, an owner or are responsible for the marketing and advertising of your restaurant, we have written this blog series specifically for you. You may or may have not heard about how some larger chain restaurants are using apps to increase the satisfaction of their customers, or to bring in more diners.

What you may not know, is that many smaller restaurants are now doing the same. Are you? If not, should you be?

Well, the option to offer the feature of a calorie counter in your app could just be the tipping point in deciding that a restaurant app could achieve you greater sales numbers and happier diners.

So How Could a Calorie Counter Transform Your Sales?

  • A calorie counter will bring in a wider variety of customers to your restaurant

By offering a restaurant app that allows your customers to easily calculate the calorie count of their meal, you are likely to attract a wider audience reach. There is no denying that the health-conscious customer is growing in numbers, and calorie counting is one way that many people are approaching a healthier lifestyle. Did you know, however, that Weightwatchers and Slimming World  and other extremely popular weight loss programs advise against eating out where it is impossible to count calories? If your restaurant does not make it easy for people to know the amount of calories that they are eating, you are automatically turning away a significant sector of your target market.

  • A calorie counter will improve the image of your brand

As we have mentioned, the restaurant industry is demonized for anyone watching their weight via calorie counting. That’s before we even mention fast food outlets, which is known as the guilty pleasure of all eating experiences. But what if you could empower your regular customers to calculate how many calories they will be consumption in their chosen favorite meal? It shows that you care for the health of your customers. What’s more, by being honest about the nutritional value of your food, your brand will be perceived as a brand that carefully considers the nutrients of the dishes they serve up, as well as the incredible flavors.

This can be incredibly powerful particularly for fast-food outlets. This is perhaps why Dominoes has been so quick to be upfront about the calorific qualities of their dishes.

  • A calorie counter will prompt your diners to explore the menu

Are there certain dishes that are popular at your restaurant? If there are, perhaps there are many that get overlooked? By providing calorie counting tools that make it easy for diners to explore the nutritional value of each dish, they may start to compare their usual dishes with others. This can bring you a real boost in sales, as your diners will see your restaurant in a new light, and will be less inclined to look else where when they are looking for something a bit different that the usual Chicken Korma or the Sweet and Sour Chicken Noodles.

Could these benefits boost your business? Could they improve the experience for your diners? Give us a call or email at Techdynamo, and we will be happy to have a chat with you about how it could work. Just email us at info@techdynamo and say hello. Or, take a look at our portfolio of app designs to inspire the future of your business:

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