Restaurant Managers: 4 Reasons Your Customers Need You to Get a Mobile App

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How many restaurant diners UK do you think own a mobile phone?

It’s a laughable question- as it would be a shock to find anyone in any restaurant at any one time who doesn’t own a mobile.

Did you know though, that 57% of mobile owners currently use a smart phone? That means that if you are a restaurant owner, over half of your customers are using apps. So let’s face it, that’s at least one app user per table.

If you are a restaurant manager, an owner or are responsible for the marketing and advertising of your restaurant, we have written this blog post for you. You may or may have not heard about how many larger restaurant chain restaurants are using apps to increase the happiness of their customers, or to bring in more diners, with Pizza Express, Burger King and Pizza Hut just to name a brief few. But why does that mean that you should too? Well, what you may not know is that many smaller restaurants are now doing the same.

OK, instead of getting into a panic and getting straight on the phone to the next mobile app developer you can find on Google, “just because it’s what everyone is doing”, let’s take a look at exactly why mobile apps could make a huge difference to the all-round marketing success and dining experience of your restaurant.

1.    Customers Looking to Impress or for a Special Occasion? Make It Easy for Them to Book!

For diners looking to impress, booking is crucial. It’s something we all dread: turning up to a restaurant your partner and your in laws and being turned away. Booking is crucial for your diners, particularly your regular customers.

Ask yourself: how can your customers currently book? Are they always successful? Might they call when you are closed, and so try somewhere else? Might they be on the move, on a train, in a meeting, or listening (or not!) to a university lecture? Booking in a mobile app is the quickest and most guaranteed way for successful booking. That’s perfect for your sales, perfect for your customers, and their in-laws. They’ll pick you- and they’ll thank you.

2.    Let Your Regulars Become Your Advocates- and Do Your Marketing for You

There’s no better way to get the word around about how fantastic your food and restaurant is than by word of mouth and personal recommendations. If you have regular customers, there’s no denying that they love your food and love the vibe they can find at your restaurant. That means that they will become your advocate- spread the good word of your restaurant to a few of their friends. But what if your restaurant app allows them to very easily post what they ate, how much they enjoy it, or even post photos of their food on social media. Their photos and excitement will spread across their many friends, as well as their many friends- and your marketing is done for you! It shows that any investment on an app could be well worth it for you in return.

3.    Reward Your Regular Customers- and Keep Them Coming Back for More

Mobile apps are a great way to provide your customers with loyalty rewards. It’s a fantastic feature that will encourage your customers to choose you, and build up their on-app rewards every time you visit. By talking with your app developer, it is possible to be really creative with this- and has the potential to be a really positive marketing strategy that will delight customers and boost your loyal customer base.

4.    Delight Your Diners with News They Want to Hear Straight to Their Phones

Maybe you have an offer on at the moment? A buy 1 get 1 free offer on takeaway pizzas or set menus? Perhaps you have recently introduced a new seasonal menu? Do you have any recent awards? Maybe you’ve just created a fantastic batch of your famous fresh bread and are making changes to the recipe?

This is all brilliant news for your potential diners, but what is the point if your potential customers don’t know? We all know how difficult it is to get in touch with our potential customers. After all, who reads emails, and how often do flyers or paper menus get thrown away or lost in drawers?

To solve this issue, your app can include detailed information of your restaurant’s updated menu, opening times, new locations; anything that you choose that may be useful. And you can keep updating it, ensuring that your customers have everything they need to know at their finger tips- why would they bother looking anywhere else for dinner tonight?

We also have what is possibly the most exciting feature of mobile apps for restaurant owners: “push notifications”.  These are like messages which originate from your app that pop up on your customers’ home screens as soon as they are delivered. You’ll grab their attention, and they’ll know the news of your recent offers or exciting introductions. The likelihood is that they will bear you very strongly in mind when deciding where to get their Friday takeaway from, or give them a real craving for your famous signature bread.

Still unsure? A bit overwhelmed, but know that you need to start to make a move and make the most of apps? Have more questions about how a restaurant app can help your restaurant business? No problem! At TechDynamo, we are happy to advise you, drawing on our broad range of technical and business expertise, and can help you decide whether a restaurants app is right for you- just send us an email:  

You can also view our restaurant app designs at

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